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This site provides a lot of information about LoveLive!
Since October 2015

我们已经迁移至 https://www.lovelivesuppport.com

欢迎来到LLSupport,我们搜集并整理出许多有关LoveLive!的信息,免费为拉拉人提供方便的信息查询与游戏助手。为了提升体验质量以及安全使用,我们将不在支持中国大陆本地化已及关闭专用线路。你可以继续访问 https://www.lovelivesuppport.com 全球同步服务的网站!
如果您也可以选择访问我们的合作伙伴 查卡器正體中文百科。对此决定我们非常抱歉!大家可以加入QQ群:685291761 进行讨论!

Welcome to LLSupport, LLSupport to collect and sort out many LoveLive related information, for free LLer to provide convenient information query and game support.To ensure that your experience and the use of safe use, we are not longer support Mainland China localization.You can move to this link to use our international website https://www.lovelivesuppport.com !
You also can choose to visit our partner LLSIFCE and SIF Trad.Chinese WiKi . We are very sorry for this decision!